You can smell the turkey roasting in the crisp morning air, or was it just sweaty lyrica?

Every thanksgiving, some Southern California cyclists decide to earn their feast by doing the hardest bike ride in Southern California: the grueling adventure into Crystal Lake above Azusa. This year however, two rad dudes, Luis Escajeda and Al Fitz decided to stir up the "sufferfest" by showing and doing the ride on track bikes. The comfort and ease of shifting gears is stripped away and it just becomes a show of pure muscle and the ugliest pain face known to man. To add the zaz in pizzazz, these rad dudes show up twinning it in God and Famous' "Doomsday" kit. The dynamic duo sported the black and white pattern with style as they flew up the mountain and back down again. The trip down nearly became a doomsday as none of the bikes had normal brakes and the riders relied on their own leg muscle to crank and slide their way down. Soon after reaching the top, the camera car overheated and suddenly every cyclist became a car enthusiast, but how many of them did it take to find the lid to a container? Apparently six (I think they should stick to bikes). Another inherit danger was the camera car, and more specifically, Eli. His mannerisms always lead him into some precarious situation he doesn't need to be in but always finds an excuse on why he should. One example was him hanging out the sunroof of the camera car; and even though the shots were crispy, this was incredibly dangerous. Still, Eli is Eli, especially after saying "nothing says a hard days work like having thousands of dollars in cameras hanging out of a sun roof and the back of the car."

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