Clouds became a common motif for our trip. We were on a chase for the break of dawn, and driving East, we slowly delayed the looming sunlight. But to our wonder the clouds above masked the impending sunlight and freckled our drive there. Where we were struck in awe was on the long climb into the mountains. Below us the valleys were blanketed by a gloomy layer of clouds, and above us the bright orange morning sun radiated much more powerfully than down below. Ironically the 40 degree winds left us shivering and gasping for the warmth of the car. The same winds carried light clouds like a Calvary of troops parading over the mountain caps which seemed to get greener and greener the further we went into the mountains. Our curiosity led Eli's front wheel drive hatchback into a precarious situation; the small roads which led to further expansions of greenery were difficult to traverse and eventually led to a brazen defeat and a u turn back down the dirt road. Upon arriving the small town of Idlywild was as alive as the vast boreal forest it was nested in. Flocks of motorbikers dined at local restaurants, the commotion conveyed us into a local eatery which was tiny but bustling with clientele. Soon after we did brief strolls through trails off the side of the road and every horizontal glance was a panorama of the cities below. The drive down the mountain was no different than the drive up, clouds still plotted cities below giving a view to ponder. We promised each other that the next time we were to come, there must be snow, but for now it was too much fun.

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